The Cardstick ® is a durable vinyl ruler decal that fits any credit, debit, or other card. Functional like a yardstick but spanning only 3 inches, it makes anything a measuring tool! It comes in a set of three colors: clear, white and yellow.

$3.49 for set of Three colors



The decals wrap around your card; one side has inches and the other has centimeters.

Use your cards like you normally do! (but avoid covering the magnetic strip)

Not only for cards, the Cardstick® also works on cellphones, cameras, notebooks, etc.


Xl cards

The Cardstick XL is a durable vinyl ruler sticker that fits any notebook, binder, folder, etc. It spans 9 inches and includes inch and cm guides. Comes in a set of two colors: yellow and white.


$4.99 for set of Two colors



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